College Basketball Over Under Picks

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College Basketball Over Unders

Looking to bet some totals tonight and need a few college basketball over under picks? Well BetQL has you covered, for every single game on tonight's slate our computer model has simulated the game 10,000 times to provide you winning over under picks. Betting on over unders has never been easier with a BetQL subscription because we do all the hard work and research for you, with BetQL you can find all the college basketball over under data you need in one place!

College Basketball Over Under Picks

If you like to bet on totals rather than against the spread and you are looking for college basketball over under picks for today you are in the right place. Every day and every game BetQL's over under model provide college basketball totals picks that win. As soon as the lines are released our over under picks model goes to work simulating the game 10,000 times to not only predict the full game score but the 1st half score as well. Once the game has been simulated 10,000 times our model provides an over under pick on a 5-star rating scale. Not only does our over under betting model show how likely a pick is to hit, but it also shows value. If you have to risk $600 to only win $100 our model won't suggest that pick highly.

College Basketball Over Under Picks for Today

If you are looking for over under picks for today look no further than BetQL. Our college basketball betting model has an over under pick for every game on the slate today.

If there is an over under line released for the game, we have an over under pick waiting for you. That is the great thing about BetQL, you aren't waiting for a so called expert to crunch the number to provide you picks. We have a college basketball over under pick waiting for you for every game the second the line is released.

College Basketball Over Under Predictions

If you are interested in college basketball over under predictions we have you covered at BetQL. Not only do we have an over under pick for every game but we also have a prediction on the final score.

Our model works by simulating the game 10,000 times to come up with a score, this is the basis of our over under predictions. We take our predicted final score and compare it to line and provide you with an over under pick.

You can tail our picks or check out our over under predictions to see which way our model is leaning before you bet. No matter how you like to bet on college basketball, it is easier with BetQL.

College Basketball Over Under Betting Explained

When you are betting on a college basketball over under you are betting on how many total combined points will be scored in the game. The sportsbook releases an over under line and you are betting if the final combined score will be over that number or under that number

College Basketball Over Under Example:
The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are headed to Pittsburgh to take on the Panthers in an ACC conference game. The sportsbook has released the over under line at 147.5. At this point you have to decide if you want to bet the over or the under on that line. Obviously if you have a BetQL subscription and are using our college basketball over under picks you will have no problem betting this game

Let's say you bet Under 147.5 and at the end of the game the score is Notre Dame 64 - Pitt 77. When you add these two scores together the total is 141, so this means your under bet wins, because you bet there would be under 147.5 points scored.

Now let's try it the other way, if you bet over 147.5 in this game your bet would lose because the combined total was 141 and you bet that the combined total would be over 147.5

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Are pros not your speed, don't worry we have college basketball picks against the spread for every game on tonight. If picking against the spread is too much for you that is fine because we have our college basketball money lines, which will give you moneyline winners for tonight. You can even find college basketball over under picks from our model, so if you would rather bet the numbers we can point you in the right direction. Trying to become a sharp bettor? Check out the college basketball 1st half best bets we have for tonight. Follow our best bet model and start winning more bets with BetQL.

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